We Keep Your Home Clean!

Lancaster PA Only
Everyone deserves to live in a clean, healthy living space, but it isn’t always easy to find the time to dust, mop and vacuum. Our Long Island residential cleaning services are customized to help you achieve your dream of a spotless home.


Initial Detailed Cleaning

We perform a variety of “first-time” tasks that require extra attention on our first visit. For example, your bathroom will receive a deep cleaning that includes everything from shower door tracks to plumbing fixtures. In this initial, deep cleaning, our team makes sure that we deliver to your satisfaction. Subsequent cleanings typically go faster after a thorough job has been done on our first visit.

Our Residential Cleaning Services

Scheduled Service

Scheduled service is a great way to maintain the cleanliness of your home. After the first deep cleaning, you can choose either weekly or bi-weekly appointments. These cleaning sessions typically take less time than the initial visit. Or, you can utilize our services on an as-needed basis. Cleaning time may vary according to the amount of time in between our last visit.

Move-out Cleaning

We can help your home get ready for its next occupant. We will give your residence a thorough cleaning that includes high/low dusting and vacuuming, floors, cabinets, kitchen, bathroom, and more.

Move-in Cleaning

Moving is hectic enough without having to worry about cleaning, too. Our move-in services provide a deep cleaning that will make you comfortable and let you feel as if your home is brand new.

Post Construction

Construction projects often leave behind residues of dust and dirt. After your construction is finished, our sanitary post construction cleaning services can quickly make your “new home” ready for your family to enjoy.